FLV to MP3 Converter – Free and Tiny Tool

By | June 2, 2009

FLV2MP3Today, I transferred approximately 200 music files into my mobile phone, but when I tried to play them, only 30-35 files were showing up in the media player.  After a quick check, I found that the player in my mobile phone can only play WAV and MP3 files.  When I looked at the files, they were mostly in FLV format.  So, quickly done a search on the Google and found this tiny tool, which is just 500KB.  It is really an amazing tiny application, which took less than half a minute to install and only few seconds to convert all the 170 FLV files into MP3.  Quality remained intact.

Download FLV2MP3 converter (on Ziddu), install it, and when you run it a small window will appear.  Just drop your files onto it and it will convert it to MP3 and stores in the same directory with the same file name.

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