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Free panoramic photo stitching software – Microsoft ICE

I found this amazing software called Image Composite Editor (ICE) by Microsfot while searching for free software to stitch photos. I found few other free photo stitching softwares too, but they were difficult to install, took lot of time to stitch, and/or producing low-quality images. Using photo stitching software, you can stitch a set of… Read More »

Free mp3 tag editor – batch embed album art and lyrics – Tiny tool

I am a fan of tiny tools. I wrote about few feature-rich tiny tools including tiny screen zooming software, tiny browser, tiny ISO mounting software, etc. Today, I was searching for a tool to edit mp3 tags and embed album art into the files and found this tiny tool with amazing features. “Mp3 Tag Tools”… Read More »

How to restore the Windows XP bootloader – After uninstalling Ubuntu

I have installed Ubuntu on Windows XP just to see how the new version is looking and try some features. At the end of the day, I have uninstalled it, but struck with the problem of bootloader. After installing Ubuntu, it has made changes to Windows bootloader so that while booting we can select Windows… Read More »