An easy way to export and import MS Word AutoCorrect entries

During my profession as a “Medical Transcriptionist,” it was necessary to have a list of AutoCorrect entries backed up. If the system I was working on fails or moved to a different unit in the office, I had to change the system and creating the AutoCorrect entries manually was a pain and it took another… Read More »

WordPress Old Permalinks 301 Redirect

Recently, I worked on a content-heavy site built on WordPress where it was decided to change the URL structure. It is obvious that once you change the URL structure in WordPress, old URLs will throw 404 error and eventually the site will lose traffic. URL structure in WordPress can be changed through the option “Permalinks”… Read More »

Free high-quality stock photos / images for your website or blog

This is an update to my old post written in 2009 with latest additions and deletions. Following are the best sites to find royalty-free, public domain, and creative commons licensed images to use on your website / blog / or even a commercial site. 1. Stock.Xchng:  This is the top site to find high quality… Read More »