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Free MS Project alternatives

My brother works as a service engineer in a company involved in electrification projects.  He has seen a company using project management software handling the projects and wanted to do the same in his company.  So, we spent time on searching free alternatives to MS Project and found these interesting alternatives, which have the same… Read More »

Open source download accelerator – wxDownload Fast

Say goodbye to commercial download accelerators.  Here comes open source application – wxDownload Fast.  As my system got crashed few days ago due to power fluctuations, I had to repair the system and install the OS and lot of applications freshly. I have become open source applications fan and have been trying alternatives to the commercial… Read More »

You might be downloading adware and spyware with torrents !

If you are downloading cracked versions of software or pirated music from torrents, be careful.  You might be installing adware and spyware with the cracked/patched software. Recently while going through the webmaster forums, I have noticed a black hat method to make money from torrents, binding pay-per-install software with the cracked software or pirated music… Read More »

Telugu rendering and writing in Windows XP

Have you ever looked at the web pages in Telugu? e.g.: Wikipedia in Telugu. Cluttered Telugu rendering makes you leave the pages immediately. Until I have known about enabling the Telugu Indic script in Windows XP, my situation was also same. Now, I enjoy reading TeWiki (Telugu Wikipedia) and also BhashaIndia‘s Telugu version run by… Read More »

Tiny browser (Browzar) now with tabbed browsing

Browzar is a tiny browser that is only 220K in size and a standalone application. Just click and run, no installation needed. It is mainly aimed at browsing the net with privacy. It dose not store any cookies, cache, or browsing history, so you don’t need to worry about the traces that browsers normally leave.… Read More »