A Simple Guide to Drop Catching

Having a website is essential for businesses these days. It is also just for fun for a few and a money maker for few others. One day you decided to get a domain for your business/blog/site and searched on a domain registrar site. If it is a common name, it is more likely that the… Read More »

WordPress Old Permalinks 301 Redirect

Recently, I worked on a content-heavy site built on WordPress where it was decided to change the URL structure. It is obvious that once you change the URL structure in WordPress, old URLs will throw 404 error and eventually the site will lose traffic. URL structure in WordPress can be changed through the option “Permalinks”… Read More »

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Place

I host over 25 websites that are built on WordPress. Few of them are mine and few are customers’. They are spread over few hosting accounts. With the frequent updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes, I spend few hours every week to log into all these sites and update them manually. It was a… Read More »

Free Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India in PDF Format

I have been learning a lot about Ayurveda these days. I started translating Maharshi Elchuri‘s Ayurveda videos into English a month ago. He has popularized Ayurveda at least in AP and literally gave a life to it. I have tried few of his remedies and they worked wonders. You can find my work on Ayurpedia.… Read More »

Free high-quality stock photos / images for your website or blog

This is an update to my old post written in 2009 with latest additions and deletions. Following are the best sites to find royalty-free, public domain, and creative commons licensed images to use on your website / blog / or even a commercial site. 1. Stock.Xchng:  This is the top site to find high quality… Read More »

Best Free Virtual CD-ROM Drive Software

In 2009, I wrote about a tool to mount ISO files without burning to CD/DVD using the Microsoft’s free tool called Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel. That post was very popular during that time. Unfortunately, that tiny little software needed few more steps than just click and install, which lot of people were failing.Also, it did… Read More »

Axe Blast Commercial Song and Lyrics

Though lot of the TV commercials sound silly and nonsense, few are really good at attracting the viewers. Remember the old Dhara’s commercial on DD featuring a kid saying “Jalebi,”  Bajaj’s ad of “buland bharat ki buland tasveer – hamara bajaj,” Rasna’s “I love you Rasna,” and Cadbury’s “kya swad hai zindagi mein.” These were… Read More »